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  1. I used to work customer service in a call center and this was my favorite review I ever received. Company name is crossed out. I still laugh every time I read it and I greatly appreciate this persons sense of humor. All I did was email this person an auto insurance document and we spoke for maybe 40 seconds😂 I thought maybe some others might appreciate the humor
  2. I could use some help and suggestions! I am finally going to pull the trigger on starting a home baking business and need a name. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Planning on just starting with cookies and hopefully will add cupcakes and some seasonal things at some point. Maybe one day in fantasyland I’ll open an actual bakery, but for now just one step at a time.
  3. I don’t believe we’ve decided on a time yet. Generally I believe bc of the spread out time zones later morning and afternoon (US time) seems to work the best, but I should be able to make most anything work. @Paromita Mukherjee @A_FROG_IN_TIME @Layla Azmi Goushey @Steve @Susana Imaginário @chrisM any preferences?
  4. Next weekend March 19th will already be the third Sunday in March! Anyone ready for another forum hangout?
  5. Sunday afternoon works for me!
  6. Lol after my thoughts on Othrun after book one the very first thing in book two😂
  7. I just finished reading A Drowned Kingdom and really enjoyed it! Thank you @P.L. Stuart !
  8. I’m trying to figure out the best way to ship some baked goods to some of my coworkers so if I get that figured out I can send you some also and anyone else in the US. Unfortunately for my international friends I am way too poor to be able to afford international shipping nor am I sure it would get there quick enough to still be fresh.
  9. I would really like to do this! I’m slightly concerned I’ll forget things week to week. Seriously you guys my memory is so bad sometimes😅🤦🏻‍♂️but if I did this I would take notes which usually help me a lot. That’s what I did for our Dandelion Dynasty discussions, otherwise my comments would have just been “that was awesome”😂
  10. I created my first recipe, crème brulee cookies! I’ve tried a few recipes from online for this type of cookie before but was always quite disappointed. I have done a lot of experimenting but it finally all came together. Thick chewy sugar cookie filled with vanilla crem pat custard and a thin hard candy caramel top. They are absolutely delicious! I’ve made a lot more challenging and technical things before but this the most proud I’ve been of my baking because it’s the first recipe I created myself. FullSizeRender.MOV
  11. Such a beautiful place! Crazy how to dry it is where in Michigan no matter where you’re at you’re never more than something like 2 miles away from a body of water.
  12. Nice! Yeah, I love Kenji. I've seen a lot of his videos and he has taught me a lot. I for sure have some of his recipes written down and use regularly
  13. If you could Chris that would be great thank you! Since Steve cannot make it probably the original time we were discussing 2p est would be good. Thanks again Chris, really appreciate it!
  14. @Steve how long do you Berserk discussions typically last? Do you think 3:30 est for the forum hangout would give you enough time? Not trying to rush or pressure you at all, just trying to coordinate a last minute time for this
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