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  1. Drew

    Plans for the Weekend

    Enjoy your time off work! Good luck with house hunting
  2. Drew

    Plans for the Weekend

    I hear that! We were so tired of always spending our time off on the holidays traveling all over trying to see people, so this year we decided we aren’t going anywhere and people can come to us if they want so far it’s been much less stressful
  3. Drew

    Plans for the Weekend

    I think one continuous weekend thread makes sense. I’ve been making a lot of food already this week bc we have family visiting for the holiday. So far I’ve made chocolate cupcakes, pecan pie, apple pandowdy, Chex mix, caramel, potato soup, and bread. Tomorrow is turkey on the grill plus all the sides. Friday is pizza. Saturday is tacos. Just finished An Autumn War (LPQ book 3) this morning and starting the last book in the series, The Price of Spring, right now. I will be finding time to read as much as possible bc being around people all day is really draining for me. But it will be nice to spend time with family. Will definitely watch some football.
  4. Usually reading a different type of book helps me. Whether that’s just a different kind of fantasy book or a totally different genre. Generally it’s the heavier, hard hitting, more epic fantasy that I will get a book hangover from so switching to something light hearted helps me. Discworld is one of my go tos for that. Earlier this year after finishing Realm of the Elderlings I read Legends and Lattes and that was a terrific change of pace to get me out of my book hangover. I think Sherlock Holmes stories could work well for this too. They are brilliant, entertaining, and shorter quick reads.
  5. Drew

    Food and Drink

    Thank you! Thank you very much!
  6. Drew

    Food and Drink

    Made dark chocolate cupcakes
  7. Interesting Putting my phone down and not looking at it at all for a set period of time really helps me get more reading done, so I can see where the reading sprints add an accountability factor to that. Also, that would be fun to discuss a book as you read it. But I feel like that could take me back to grade school where everyone in class is reading the same thing and it would inevitably turn into who can read the fastest instead of who understood what they read the most, and on a reading sprint I would get self conscious when I read 7 pages over 30 minutes
  8. Okay this might be a dumb question but what are reading sprints? I’ve never heard an explanation of them and whenever I’ve tuned in to one people seem to be reading silently on camera. And I just feel like there is more to it that I’m missing
  9. It sounds really interesting and I’ve added it to my want to read on goodreads but unfortunately I have too many other books already lined up right now to fit it in anytime soon. Thank you for letting me know, I really appreciate it!
  10. I’m not really into ebooks but is it possible to buy them directly from authors websites?
  11. Drew

    Plans for the Weekend

    I have all next week off of work, but the majority of next week we will have a full house with some of my girlfriends family staying with us Wednesday-Sunday. So this weekend we will be cleaning and getting ready for company. Finish Wall of Storms and watch the live show on Sunday. Get a workout or two in. Stay warm and probably will have to shovel snow in the driveway
  12. Holy shit Hans, you are brilliant! Thank you very much for sharing. I would definitely buy your work. I love your style of art!
  13. Drew

    ARC Reader Area

    I wouldn’t mind fantasy ARCs!
  14. Idk if there’s a thread about hobbies outside of books or something to post in but otherwise here works for me!
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