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  1. Ooh interesting! Handy not having to flick over to YT for the chat.
  2. I have quite vivid dreams that I remember, and often get feelings of deja vu. I have never thought about it in terms of the way Layla put's it, but now I do!
  3. Yeah, if other themes are available, agree with changing it up 😄
  4. Would have loved to, but will be going to work during this @chrisM. 😪
  5. Took the dog on a long walk while we had a pause from the rain, before her visit to the vets. It's raining again for the next few days, so may spend the rest of weekend under the duvet (mostly) while reading & maybe watching some things. Back to work after holidays on Monday 😝
  6. Great stuff! Thanks for letting us know 😀
  7. Drew, how do we employ you to cook for us? 😜
  8. Some very interesting thoughts above. I imagine it can be exhausting for some authors to engage in a lot of reading if they are writing extensively daily. A tangent I know, but I would be interested to know if writer's feel they can also develop their skills through other forms of media, such as film, television & games?
  9. That thumbnail face 😀 Enjoyed the sneak peak
  10. Like the smooth transitions into the film clips, makes for pleasant viewing.
  11. Erin

    Forum Hangout

    Either ok with me. Thanks Drew
  12. Have seen these used on other sprints (and I use in classes now) Pomodoro Kitty - A Cat Themed Pomodoro Timer TomatoTimers - Custom Pomodoro Timer and To-do List Aesthetic Pomodoro Timer | Study With Me Here's some general timers, might be useful if you didn't want a timed break Online Stopwatch (online-stopwatch.com)
  13. Erin

    Forum Hangout

    @DrewIs this the same time as the Game of Thrones live? 🙊
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