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  1. Drew, how do we employ you to cook for us? 😜
  2. Some very interesting thoughts above. I imagine it can be exhausting for some authors to engage in a lot of reading if they are writing extensively daily. A tangent I know, but I would be interested to know if writer's feel they can also develop their skills through other forms of media, such as film, television & games?
  3. Erin

    Forum Hangout

    Either ok with me. Thanks Drew
  4. Have seen these used on other sprints (and I use in classes now) Pomodoro Kitty - A Cat Themed Pomodoro Timer TomatoTimers - Custom Pomodoro Timer and To-do List Aesthetic Pomodoro Timer | Study With Me Here's some general timers, might be useful if you didn't want a timed break Online Stopwatch (online-stopwatch.com)
  5. Erin

    Forum Hangout

    @DrewIs this the same time as the Game of Thrones live? 🙊
  6. Thank you again for this. Took me a while to find this original thread. Really enjoyed the audiobook! Laughed out loud lots, and liked the new spin on some of the known 'fantasy/horror' species show we say, and the 'Old West' setting. The story has a good pace as well. Picked up the first book on Kindle to read soon Highly recommend! The audiobook is 9 hours, so an enjoyable adventure, that doesn't over stay it's welcome.
  7. Cool to read this. I have never been too fussed about New Year, and have been encouraged at different times, for different reasons to make changes. I think we often need strong/ multiple reasons to make a change. I think it's can only be a good thing if New Year motivates people to make a change or at least try
  8. About 60 % in now. It's taken me a while to get into the groove of this one, not really sure why yet, but looking forward to seeing what happens now.
  9. Think that's a good idea Chris, with the holidays and all.
  10. Sounds like a great year is ahead 🥳
  11. I feel like I watched Entrapment, but it has been years and years. So both sound good 😊
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