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  1. He is far from perfect, had to prise the tv remote from his mouth this morning, he also chewed my glasses case!! That aside, I cannot imagine life without him. What a first year!
  2. fairly certain I have never struck that pose before 🤣
  3. I think my dog is broken. How do I reset him?
  4. I can almost hear Terror's youtube channel in my head... "Hello friends, this is Terror from Terror talks dog food. Today we will be discussing cooked meat over raw meat and do you like rice in your dogfood"
  5. For the record, I have yet to make a developer cry...
  6. Drew you are a star! My job is more boring, no funny tales or any customer interaction, but a couple of amusing videos to show what I do WhatsApp Video 2023-03-15 at 19.59.50.mp4
  7. 7pm GMT worked for me. Could do any time after that but have a hard stop at 2230 GMT.
  8. I am in, if I didn't scare everyone off last time.
  9. Both started out as Shakespearian actors. They were absolutely brilliant, and David Bradley was a perfect vice for both Dickens and Scrooge! It just worked. Him standing behind a lectern with a large old book on it and a lady sitting on a bench with an array of instruments in front of her providing sound effects. No other cast present, or needed.
  10. I have not seen any of the big Disney productions, I feel I should before I die, a bucket list item! School of Rock sounds like it will be fun. I would have killed for my school to have done something that cool back when I did the school plays! I really did enjoy treading the boards as a youngster.
  11. I don't go as much as I would like to. Before yesterday I had not been since just before Christmas when I saw David Bradley (Argus Filch) reading A Christmas Carol as Charles Dickens. We only have One theatre in my city, but Stratford Upon Avon is about 30mins drive away, they have a couple there. I saw Patrick Stewart in The Tempest at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre which was awesome. I also saw him in the Merchant of Venice, just as good. I need to go more!
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