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  1. That's when it gets exciting
  2. I need to get some sealant tomorrow for the edges and then I need to plumb the fridge in to get the ice and cold water feature sorted, but otherwise sorted.
  3. The Pictures of my weekend cupboard butchery!! Before - Gap too small for Fridge Take half of top cupboard and chuck it over there, Remove half of bottom cupboard and bolt original end to new end Chop Work surface and reattach to butchered mini cupboard Insert fridge in new fridge sized gap Find & put up discarded wine rack cupboard where it was chucked earlier Collapse on sofa with beer!!
  4. I will, assuming I have not butchered the kitchen!
  5. Glad you took the break then. A bad back is no joke.
  6. Exactly why I am off next week. Been told I have to use it up... something about a legal requirement to take a minimum of 20days holiday.
  7. Well, after a 52 hour week at work, I have one more hour to do from 6 - 7 am Saturday morning. Then I am off for a week. Plans you say? Saturday, chop a kitchen cupboard in half & move the fridge into the gap now it is big enough. Move a wall cupboard to another wall for same reason. Plumb the fridge in so we have the cold water and ice dispenser working for Christmas. Do some writing then shoot people in Overwatch 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Sunday, Writing, general tidying and maybe start on putting the shelves up I have been avoiding for the past year! The rest of the week, write.
  8. Such delicious diabetic torture. I would delight in every crumb... come on pancreas, you can take one more for the team
  9. nps, I am sharing so it can be read wherever.
  10. I have messaged you to find out what the best way to get the book to you is, and thank you. I appreciate ut.
  11. Like I say, it is just a silly little story, <3k words, but it made me chuckle writing it. there I go using number of words again
  12. Silly little Halloween Sci fi I entered into a competition at LOFT. It's not been picked so thought I would share it here for you all to read and either be wowed or mock. I do not mind which either way you will enjoy! The Fisherman.pdf
  13. Well, after a really long and tough week, I figured I would reward myself with re-arranging the lounge so we can use the log burner, doing some food shopping, doing some writing, then hop on to PSN and shoot people in Overwatch 2 and MW2. Sunday I promised I would take the dog to see his Grandparents, so there is that! I love my parents dearly, but as soon as they see the dog (StanLee) I will be background noise
  14. Hello, Desperately seeking Susan, I mean beta readers. I have written a novel. It is dystopia but with fantasy vibes. It is the first part of a duology (half of part 2 is written). The Healer... PROS: Alien prophecy, Kick ass assassin, Alien human half breeds. Hyper evolution, bit of politics and a couple of twisty turny twists. CONS: I would like feedback by end of the year if possible or at most the end of Jan. I want to get a copy edit early next year so want the story nailed before then. This is my first ever novel so I have no idea what I am doing. It has been read by my mum, my boss, an English teacher and one other author. All agree it is pretty good so I am not just inflicting rubbish on you. Anyone interested? Please? Go on, I'll be your best friend Sample Her attacker was too fast, and she knew it, so close and she was about to lose it all. She fumbled with trembling fingers trying to pull the knife from its sheaf, then with a soft ‘thunk’, a head landed on the floor beside her.
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