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  1. JCM Berne

    Berserk Volume 6

    I'm not positive I can make it, have some chores to do, but will try.
  2. That coffee cup is about to file a complaint with HR.
  3. I loved Sheri Tepper for a long time. One of those authors who wrote things that I could never duplicate.
  4. Wistful Ascending was in that sale but I've basically permanently discounted the ebook to $0.99 regardless, so people can pick it up anytime (I'm either stupid or just confident that if you buy and read it you'll feel compelled to spend more on books 2 and 3 ... perhaps both).
  5. Only criterion I look for is whether they are willing to read my book. So, generally, it matters most what their submission criteria are.
  6. I write in Word but I've added Pro Writing Aid for editing with good results. To format before publishing I absolutely love Atticus.
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