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  1. It's good fun, although I'm annoyed my husband keeps beating me. We're about 10-3 at the moment (yes we keep score haha). I mean, words are quite literally my entire day to day life. I think he's just more strategic with the traps than me. We don't really have many friends that play much. We have one couple we have a games night with about once a month, but otherwise we mostly either play in online groups or at the clubs/cafes. It's a great way to meet new people. Some of the Oatmeal games are really good for families with older kids - we have Exploding Kittens, Hand to Hand Wombat and Throw Throw Burrito and my nieces love them.
  2. That's one of the few I've never actually played, I have lots of friends that do and I keep meaning to give it a try. We have several local board games cafes (one of which is sadly closing soon due to rising costs) and they do a lot of MTG, WoW, Warhammer clubs/events etc. I mostly play with people I know already, but this year my mission is to get myself out there and start getting into different groups, meeting new people etc.
  3. Get ready to sound your bugles and polish off those war hammers, because this Saturday (1st Saturday in June) is INTERNATIONAL TABLE TOP DAY! So, I want to know where all my fellow board game/TTRPG fans are and what you've been playing recently? Generally I will play 2-3 times a week (more if I'm writing up on the games for a website) but the last week or so I've been playing Trap Scrabble (like regular scrabble but with the option to lay traps for other players), Carcassonne, and a little bit of Mysterium. Tomorrow I'll be playing with my regular D&D group who I've been with for the last 4 years. If anyone has any favourites/recommendations as well would love to hear them!
  4. AJ is the boss of this, but from my perspective I don't mind if now and again things are a few days late. Stuff happens and everyone has things going on.
  5. As long as I don't have to do anything fancy I should be good, I've used wordpress before a few times. I'll have a think and DM you when I come up with something exciting haha.
  6. If you're interested in reading my incoherent ramblings about board games/TTRPG once a month, I'm happy to help. Not sure how much that would help though 🤣 I'm too slow of a reader to talk about books and I think plenty of people will have movies covered.
  7. Would be brilliant to have you join us when you get chance. I had a great time watching the chaos unfurl 😂
  8. Just wanted to say a big thanks to @A_FROG_IN_TIME @Mr_Selfy @Thomas and @Amazing Worlds for participating in our first D&D one shot session tonight (Or at least I think it's the first....), I had an absolute blast and you were a fantastic party. Looking forward to more sessions soon, and if anybody else would be interested in playing at any point (who hasn't already shouted up) feel free to let me know and I'll try to organise some sessions you can jump in on!
  9. Just googled this and now I've a) learnt something new and b) found a whole new rabbit hole to fall down
  10. I once lost a whole day of my life to researching horse dentistry for a book I never finished writing 🤣
  11. Adding this so people can add to it as and when they like. As we all know, writer search histories are a veritable treasure trove of the weird and wonderful. Just for the fun of it, and because it may lead to people learning some potentially new and interesting things... Writers: what did you research today? Readers: what did you read that made you go, 'huh, I'm going to google that'?
  12. Because of social media, a very small number of people know I am. Without social media it would be exactly zero people. Like anything, it's a tool to be used as part of an arsenal of different things. A lot of people like the accessibility that comes with being able to engage and interact with their favourite authors. I find that only posting exclusively about my books leads to a big drop off in sales and interaction, which is why I post about non writer things as well. It just depends on your audience and what they want to see. You learn as you go and find some things work for you and some don't.
  13. Haha I need this t-shirt in my life. I also like my one that says 'I didn't slap you, I high fived you in your face'
  14. yes there is a hole in it just above the H, I'm still not throwing it away 🤣
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