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  1. Fascinating stuff. I like that Kalaripayattu is practiced by women as well. [Note to self: Do not under any circumstances rub Varsha up the wrong way].😁😜
  2. Yeah ok, that's a valid point. Pronouns can be/are a minefield these days. Sure DM me if you feel that's the better option.
  3. Now this is really good!!! Love this blend of creation, magic and the familiar that then is declared magic. Yes!!! Keep writing Frog, you're on to a good thing here!!!
  4. I like this! This sounds quite promising and I would definitely read this. I also was bold and edited your intro (see above). Of course you can completely ignore and tell me to f💚ck off.😁 I changed some pronouns like the world to our world. I think that would hook the reader a bit more, make the reader complicit in what after all will be a shared world between writer and reader. Also changed the it pronoun of the creator to they. I somehow would like the idea of the creator being a multiple that is undefined in gender and more fluid in characteristics in general. Changed some of the paragraphs, think it might flow better that way, but I suppose others might tell us. Last sentence of the second paragraph: "The Creator needed help, so The Creator created The Gentleman and the Deep Dark." I think this might work better as it leaves it more open if this creation will be helpful permanently. Also added some other ideas in brackets. And gave it a new last sentence. Like a bit of foreshadowing and an incentive for the reader to read on. Looking forward to seeing more!
  5. It sounds really vicious and is a good reminder why I don't use Twitter. Sad though, that it hit SPBFO as it seems to be a well respected competition. But with Twitter it almost feels that it's not the question if you'd be a target but more and more when you'd be the target.
  6. Love the channel name! Wishing you the best if luck with it! And let us know here when your first video is up so we can go watch, like and subscribe!
  7. Not a writer but a painter: rummaging around the rabbit hole of Norse Mythology especially that corner where the Norns live, the three ladies of fate that spin the thread of live, measure it out and then cut it off. Bit obsessed with those three right now. Reader: Started Book of the New Sun and now want to know if Gene Wolfe read Angela Carter's The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hofmann.
  8. I think it will be difficult for other people to really advise you on this @Paromita Mukherjee. How we react to violence is very much an individual thing depending on a lot of factors like or cultural background, socio-economic status or historical issues. For myself I decided that I will treat this like an academic read, so something I might read for a research paper, and not a text I will be fully emotionally emersed in. Why would I even bother if I don't want to engage with a text fully on all levels? As I do a lot of more analytical videos on my channel and some of them deal with questions of violence I find it important to have some first hand experience of a series that is seen as a milestone of the genre. But that is my individual decision to deal with it like that. Additionally hearing other people's perspective and thoughts on aspects that I find more challenging will hopefully provide more context for me and help me further to get to grips with that. I know this is not really an answer to your question but maybe it provides you with some ideas on how you might approach those books.
  9. You're probably right with that assessment @Steve! Could also be that entertainment is just the more visible sector and we just don't hear much about other applications. Also, if you want to make a new technology more appealing entertainment is so much more fun -- at least for the consumer, not so much perhaps for the creators -- then fishing plastic from the ocean.
  10. Found this in my social media feed. And indeed, it makes you wonder why we're so focused on art applications.
  11. No, you're certainly not allowed to tease people who put out a video three weeks ago saying they have too many series on the go. And I'm so not that person who made that video and is now happily adding another series.😁🤣🤣 I admit I'm a bit conflicted about this. Yes, I have way too much stuff on the go. But from what I know about PoN and AE it definitely has some themes that interest me in general. I've also heard that it's awfully bleak. So I think, that to at least sample this (if I really don't like it and dnf that's ok), my best chance is to join a group read. And like you, Paromita, I'm hoping for some virtual shoulder to cry on.😁 Cookies are always good!🍪😁
  12. Heard a lot about this series and I'm very curious. Also, having a group to help when the going gets tough sounds like a good idea. So count me in and hopefully I'll be a bit better organized for this than for the Wars of Light and Shadow read along.🫣
  13. Well, someone did.😆 But I'm glad it resolved itself (of sorts)! Must be weird, though.
  14. Well, there is always space for a bit of scifi on the tbr @Paromita Mukherjee!😜
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