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  1. I have three videos on scifi lysis out now- Children of time, War of the Worlds and Blindsight. I hope my production process is getting better each time. Hope to get 1-2 more videos out on the channel every month.
  2. Just posted the Sci Fi Lysis treatment of Peter Watt's Blindsight. How would you rewrite the story from the same basic premise? Previous episodes do the same to Children of Time and War of the Worlds. Prte
  3. All great feedback. Thanks for sharing. Renaming "The Fix" isn't a bad idea - I expect some people to consider reusing another authors premise to be disrespectful (but the history of story telling is all about adapting older ideas, no?). I am open to reviewing TV and movies in the future, even video games, anywhere that biology heavy sci fi exists. I'm watching "The Last of Us" at the moment, so that is a great suggestion.
  4. Sure thing. I got the original list from a reddit post, but have refined/added a bit more to it. Some might be marginal for the amount of biology featured I still haven't found anyone else writing a world of purely biological technology, so my own books seem to unique in that regard. Always looking for ARC readers if you have time for a ~2hr/40 k word novella. Biological Books.xlsx
  5. Andromeda strain is on my list. I have about 120 titles gathered with a decent amount of biology in the science but that one is close to the top of my titles to look at soon.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement! I had the first two suggestions on my long list of books to get through that have a decent amount of biology in them (~130 now, which should keep me going for years), but The Swarm is new to me. Thanks for the recommendation!
  7. I should be doing more episodes soon. I am open to suggested titles of books you have already read (biology heavy science fiction preferred).
  8. I just put up my first review/analysis video on youtube, covering Children of Time for the first episode. Still a bit rough on the production side, but that will improve with practice. Any thoughts?- https://youtu.be/QDSnUMq0DRg
  9. Thanks Paromita! If anyone wants to check out a free ARC copy of book 1 in the series just sign up at www.haldanebdoyle.com.
  10. I prefer the chinese/lunar new year as a turning point, since the animal/element of the year ahead sets me into a fresh mental posture. For example we have a water rabbit ahead, which makes it good for dealing with emotional stuff, and being nibble to avoid disasters and grab opportunities. That works for me since the first challenge this year is getting through all the hurdles of self publishing and self promotion. Rather than making resolutions for the next year, I like taking time to reflect on the year just gone. The resolutions take care of themselves that way, in a much more productive way than just wishing for something you are likely to give up on in no time.
  11. Hi Everyone My series of four hard sci fi novellas is getting close to completion (publication is currently planned for April 2023) so I am looking for ARC readers. The work explores a future earth where a new kind of society has arisen using purely biological technology. As such the story has lots of sex and death, but takes a clinical lens to such topics. Each installment is around 40 k words, and follows a different POV character, however the four novellas are linked together by a single secondary character who threads his way through their lives. Drop me a message if you want to check them out. I have draft cover images and blurbs to get feedback on.
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