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  1. Was indeed a great session - thank you @Holly Tinsleyfor being a great DM, and thank you @A_FROG_IN_TIME @Thomas and @Amazing Worlds for being patient with this newbie! CRAB BATTLE!
  2. Agreed - unfortunately Netflix seem to greenlight a lot of toot and bled money for ventures that no-one cares about. A few years ago they were leading the market with the streaming service but have fallen way behind. Who could forget that Netflix tweet back in 2017: “Love is sharing a password,” 😄 Oh my, how they have U-turned on this sentiment. Back then, Netflix’s strategy was much more about bums on seats watching the screens—they didn’t care who shared their passwords. But five years later, things are very different. They dropped the ball and now they're struggling financially against growing competition from other streamers such as Disney+, and that’s on top of the global economic downturn. What with the current cost of living crisis, a lot of people have been switching off. It didn't help either that they announced in this time (or during COVID, which was financially draining for the majority of people) that they were putting its prices up, didn't help their brand either. They need to cut the driftwood and focus on establishing new content to the masses. There are millions of people sharing passwords, and Netflix wants to monetise them. It just showcases the ignorant and short-sightedness of the company, and is pretty ironic as LoveFilm (which then became Netflix) brought down Blockbuster in much the same way of not adapting to the current climate. It's a shame as they don't seem to listening to the people that effectively make them one of the largest streaming services - they'll definitely need a new tactic if they want to rise again.
  3. Mr_Selfy

    Men Spoiler Discussion

    In the studio
  4. Just jumped on to see this - Tuesday is good for me too, and also good for tomorrow for Men. Just let us know the link Steve and will get on it
  5. I'd be interested in this! Been a long time since I did any DnD shenanigans, but have been looking for something like this for a while if there's room?
  6. Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone on the forum had entered the NYC Midnight Short story challenge this year? I entered to get the creative juices flowing, and was staggered to learn that I came first in my group for the first heat and have entered my second short story for the second round. Fingers crossed that I get into the third round, but I'm not sure lightning will strike twice. Writers are given a random subject, genre and character and are given a week to write the first story. I've attached the stories that I've written thus far - if you fancy a little read or want to give some feedback, by all means go ahead! I welcome the critiques! First round: Dystopian/A Convoy/An Evil Doer - 'The Long Haul' Second Round: Horror/False Advertising/A Social Influencer - 'Popular Monster' For those who are not aware and would like to participate next year, here are the details: "The 17th Annual Short Story Challenge is a creative writing competition open to writers around the world. There are four rounds of competition. In the 1st Round, beginning on January 20th, writers are placed randomly in groups and are assigned a genre, subject, and character assignment. Writers have eight days to write an original story no longer than 2,500 words. The judges choose a top five in each group to advance to the 2nd Round where writers receive new assignments, only this time they have three days to write a short story no longer than 2,000 words. The judges again choose a top five in each group to advance to the 3rd Round, where writers receive new assignments and have two days to write a short story no longer than 1,500 words. Judges select finalists, and the remaining writers are challenged to write a story no longer than 1,250 words in just 24 hours in the fourth and final round of the competition. Feedback from the judges is provided for every submission, there are thousands in cash and prizes for the winners, and the writers retain all the rights to the stories they create. Sound like fun? Join the competition below and get ready for January 20th!" The Short Story Challenge — nycmidnight Popular_Monster.docx The Long Haul.docx
  7. Hey guys, apologies I haven't been on track with this one - I've been writing up my second story for the NYC Short story competition and today's the deadline. I'm going to have to bail out of this and again apologies for the last minute nature - bit gutted as I was looking forward to this one too. Will post my story once it's completed on the forum though for your feedback!
  8. Hi @Steve - I should be able to make the following: Monday May 1st - (11pm GMT) Killing of a Sacred Deer Sunday May 7th - (11pm GMT) It Comes At Night Sunday May 14th - (11pm GMT) Lamb Friday May 19th - (11pm GMT) Hereditary Saturday May 20th - (11pm GMT) Pearl Unfortunately I won't be able to make Men on May 15th, but should be good for the others. More than happy to join you on your channel livestream to discuss all of the above, and looking forward to the reviews/critiques of the other films. Feel like there's going to be some divisive takes on some of them!
  9. Apologies I haven't checked the site recently, have been both stacked with the 9-5 workload (which has seeped into evening work too) trying to get new novel idea off the ground, working in the background for another project and also socialising with people. It all gets a little crazy! I should be good for Saturday the 15th - @Steve 11am Eastern Time should be 4pm GMT so that works for me!
  10. She lost the sense of smell and taste, was knackered and had no energy yesterday, but on the mend now, thanks Steve
  11. I feel your pain. It seems like (work-wise) I've been able to cram in a full week's worth over two days. Also my partner has COVID and I've been dealing with a drawn out cold (possibly was also COVID and I gave it to her - eeep) so hoping that today, the humpest of hump days, will be a little less extreme. I've just jinxed it now, haven't I?
  12. All Hail! I wish I could increase my French horn playing skillz...
  13. Oh yeah - that was a head twisting moment. I know System Shock had a facelift and should be coming out sometime this month, so may have to give that one a whirl when it's released. Channel link: Horrorable - YouTube Thanking you kindly 😉
  14. On my channel I try and play as many indie horror games from itch.io or Steam - 'Sons of The Forest' has been released which is a First Person survival which looks interesting - would anyone be up for co-op with that? @A_FROG_IN_TIME - Judas looks schweeet. Not sure if it'll recapture the 'ol BioShock feels for me though... @marissa-bailey - I got Cyberpunk when it was initially released but with all the bugs and slow loading pop-ins, I got about half way through and DNF. Bit of a shame really - may need to go back to that with all the patches in the last year and see if there's been improvements.
  15. And also great next target with the A24 films!
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