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  1. I'm just so ready to restart this series. I like the chapter by chapter discussion because I really want to take my time with this re-read. Maybe 3 chapters a week? If that's what's decided.
  2. I am reading along with Chris Navo. We planned for Sept, but we are bumping it up cause I'm dying to re-read it. We'll be joining ya. We can get a thread going on in here and I'd love to host a live discussion after each book. Let me know if your up for it?
  3. I need to read this series again. I believe I was so focused on "whats next" that I didn't slow down enough to appreciate the scenery. It's been two weeks since I finished UHC and 2 months since I finished TGO and I still find myself thinking about them. The outside/inside, 99/100 Stones, Real/Fake, Head on a Pole, Place Called Kellhus, No God/God's, etc.
  4. I pre-ordered Seeds of War yesterday. Can't wait to jump into it.
  5. No my pug.....Iggy Smalls riding a Dorito.
  6. Omg!! I have had this exact dream!!! Except it was a Dorito. LOL
  7. Hello, so I started a Youtube channel and I love editing with GIFs, Music, Art etc. I also film right from my phone, I have no lighting (I just pray for sun on the days I film), I bought a wireless mic (but it's not the best). Any suggestions on Editing Software, Music downloading, GIFs with sound, Trademark restrictions would helpful.
  8. Posting this to view after you finish the Great Ordeal. Some funny stuff in here. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Did Katerina really side with Saubon???? I think Kellhus is a few Srancs short of a BBQ. lol
  10. It says both 7pm in the comments and 9pm
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