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I recently started playing D&D at a local bookstore. The game master keeps it pretty simple for us newbies, but it means we really don't get into the more complex stories. I was thinking of recruiting a game master to run a D&D campaign for a few interested friends here. Or even better, maybe someone has experience with D&D and would like to run a game online for us.

Who would be interested in joining? I have been told that "hiring" a game master usually costs anywhere from $10-$20 per person per session which usually last 3-4 hours and we can decide how often we want to meet.


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1 hour ago, Steve said:

I might be interested depending on the schedule and if we could find someone to DM.  I've never played so I'm clueless though

Good news. I was just chatting with @Ashley/ReadNowSleepLtr and she said JD would DM for us! I will work with her to find out JD's availability and then we can coordinate a schedule that works for everyone one. This is going to be so much fun!!

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