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Holly Tinsley

The Anatomy of Fear Kickstarter is OFFICIALLY LIVE!

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It’s finally here! The Anatomy of Fear Kickstarter is officially live! With some amazing reward tiers, we need your help to bring this project to life. The below are a few (pre-editing) excerpts from some of the stories that will be featured in this collection:

Jacob Sannox – Liver

Ashdwelyn’s beauty belied the city’s true nature. Corrupt to the core and yet, from the outside, and even on the surface once you were within the walls, a bastion of equity, accomplishment, cooperation, wealth, and virtue.

Zamil Akhtar – Skin

While most folks perceive skin as a nice, comforting wrapper for their flesh, I see it as something easily shed, something you might wear like a designer coat.

HL Tinsley – Neck

Suddenly, death has an edge that’s razor-sharp. I don’t want it if I can’t laugh at it. 

Lee C Conley – Eye

Malc wiped the cold sweat from beneath his cap and wiped his hand on his jacket. Not a sight easily forgotten. He watched the lamp lighters move from lamp to lamp along the narrow thoroughfare, each trailing a lambent glow of a lit taper.


If you like what you see so far, please consider backing us! Click the link: http://tiny.cc/1qm3vz

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Thank you both so much, we were cautiously optimistic but we didn't expect to sell out of the top tier so fast! We are actually looking at adding in some extra options for people who missed out, which I'll update on Twitter tomorrow - so anyone who missed out has a chance to change their selected reward if they'd like to, if we meet our target we also have some pretty cool stretch rewards planned as well! We're so thrilled with the reaction, honestly didn't think we'd get this far this fast!

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